Neurosurgeon Edward Chang performs an awake brain surgery at UCSF.

This March, the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) released its top 20 downloaded articles for 2018.

Fumitaka Inoue, PhD, associate specialist in the department of Bioengineering in the School of Pharmacy, pipettes enzymes into centrifuge tubes in a process called PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, that amplifies DNA to study gene regulation, in the Ahituv Lab, in Rock Hall, at the Mission Bay campus.

Jo Cameron didn’t realize she felt no pain until her mid-60s, when doctors investigated why she didn’t need painkillers after a typically painful hand surgery.

maternal hospital room at UCSF
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Portrait of George Gregory at Anesthesia Grand Rounds

During his time at Iowa, Bill Hamilton had been disturbed by the newborns he treated who were in respiratory distress.