Visiting students

Elective programs for visiting students

Anes 140.01 Advanced Clinical Clerkship (4 weeks total at various sites - Parnassus, ZSFG & VAMC)

Anes 140.06 Pain Management (4 weeks at Mt. Zion campus)

Anes 140.08 Obstetric Anesthesia (2 weeks at Mission Bay campus)


If you are interested in our clerkship program, please apply through Visiting Student Learning Opportunities.

VSLO is an AAMC application designed to streamline the application process for senior ‘away’ electives.

Please visit the SOM Visiting Students requirements and VSLO application requirements for UCSF


You must have completed two weeks of training in basic clinical anesthesia in a hospital operating room or have completed medicine and surgery clerkships. Please see prerequisites for each elective.

The residents and faculty of the department expect students enrolled in 140 series electives to have skills and knowledge commensurate with a basic clerkship in operating room anesthesia.

Applications for visiting student slots in the clerkship (approx. August – December) must be completed on VSLO by May 1st of each year. Incomplete or late applications are not considered.

Contact us

Vasili Tabakis
Anesthesia Clerkships Administrator
University of California, San Francisco
550 16th Street, 5451
San Francisco, Ca 94158
Email: [email protected]

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