Students and mentors at a SCORE learning station

Students Capturing the OR Experience (SCORE)

Since 2018, the University of California, San Francisco has partnered with SFUSD and Bay Area school districts to provide a unique experience for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. UCSF SCORE (Students Capturing the Operating Room Experience) is a one-day event that aims to spark interest in medicine, build students' confidence through role modeling, and provide an entryway into a pipeline directed toward a career in medicine. 

During this program, students will: 

  • Engage with diverse UCSF staff and faculty 
  • Learn the pathway to various careers in healthcare (physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, anesthesiologist, etc.) 
  • Receive live tours of operating rooms and gain exposure to surgery and anesthesiology workflows 
  • Participate in hands-on medical simulations with UCSF staff and faculty 

    Participants will also learn about internship opportunities with UCSF and have the option of applying for these internships. 


Student Liability Waiver

Students and mentors at SCORE 2024