Global Health Pathway

All residents in the Department of Anesthesia have the opportunity to participate in a variety of global health research, education and policy initiatives both internationally as well as domestically.

Global Health Curriculum

All residents in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care have the opportunity to participate in a variety of global health educational opportunities. Residents in the clinical anesthesia years receive global health didactics as part of their core curriculum with the option to participate in an comprehensive global health equity curriculum designed for anesthesia trainees. All eligible residents are also given the option to during CA3 year to participate in a global health activity (Operation Rainbow). 

Global Health 101

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Global Health Pathway

For anesthesia residents seeking additional global health training, mentorship and elective time, we offer a dedicated Global Health Pathway as part of the multidisciplinary, campus-wide Clinical Program. This pathway requires completion of the Global Health Sciences (GHS) 101 course during CA-1 year and the GHS 211 course during three weeks of non-clinical global health time during the CA-2 year.  Global Health Pathway Residents also receive up to three months during CA-3 year to participate in global health education, research and policy projects both domestically and internationally. 

Applications for the Global Health Resident Pathway are due February 15 during the CA-1 year.  Contact Program Director for Applications

To read more about past and ongoing resident global health projects, click here.

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Clinical Service 

Residents during their CA-3 year are provided an opportunity to accompany UCSF faculty in Central and South America to participate in 1-week clinical service trips. These opportunities take place through a long-term partnership between the Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Care and the non-profit Operation Rainbow. Residents work closely with attendings to provide preop, intraop and postop care for a wide range of surgical conditions in resource-limited practice settings. In addition to clinical teaching provided during the trip, residents are provided the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, pre-trip curriculum to develop clinical skills and familiarity with cultural and ethical issues relevant to the practice of anesthesia in resource-limited settings.

Medical Students

The Anesthesia Division of Global Health Equity is excited to provide opportunities for medical students who are interested in our mission. Minimum project time off campus is generally 8 weeks and students must attempt to secure their own funding (see sources below). Students are encouraged to consider a full yearlong project after MSIII year. Please send inquiries along with your current CV to [email protected]

Funding Opportunities

Below are links to the growing number of funding opportunities for trainees interested in global health and anesthesia. 

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