Resources & Meetings

Resources & Meetings

For students interested in spending the summer, a semester, or even a year, doing research with one of our faculty, please contact: Dr. Kristine Breyer, [email protected], 415-476-1195.

The Spark: Medical Education for Curious Minds presents the people and stories behind medical education at UCSF and our community of learners. Through The Spark, we feature perspectives and insights from faculty, staff and students in the UCSF School of Medicine's medical education community, delivered monthly in a podcast format. Episodes can be found here.

Introduction to Anesthesia & Perioperative Care (Anes170.01) (September thru November)
This course is intended to serve as an introduction to anesthesia as a field and the various subspecialties within anesthesia.  Each week, experts from subspecialties will present using a lecture and demonstration format.

Special Skills Session (May)
This is offered to the 1st and 2nd year medical students.  The session offers review of the brachial plexus and lower extremity blocks, physiology and pharmacology of some common pressors, airway management, and IV practice.

Shadowing (December)
Shadowing offered to 1st and 2nd year medical students who would like to experience clinical anesthesia in the preoperative setting.

Anesthesia Clerkship Information (January)
Core clerkship information session for 2nd year students (incoming 3rd year students) to learn more about the 110 core clerkship.


Residency Information Meeting (January/February)
This informational session is designed for 3rd year students who are considering anesthesia and want to learn more.  The topic includes why consider anesthesiology as a career, the many facets of anesthesiology, advising resources, senior electives, clinical shadowing opportunities, Anesthesia Interest Group.

Residency Advising Meeting (April/May)
The session is for 3rd year students at the end of their 3rd year who have decided upon the specialty & focus on strategies for matching in anesthesia followed by a panel with seniors who just matched in anesthesia.  Topics includes letters, interviews, schedules, summer timeline, letters of recommendation, personal statement, interviews, schedules, programs, timing of ERAS materials, Pathways to Discovery, other research opportunities, advising resources, program application & selection, scheduling interviews, the student perspective, other tips.

Residency Advising Meeting (August/September)
This session is designed specifically for senior students applying in Anesthesiology. The meeting focuses on application & interview/matching process, ERAS components, CV, personal statements, letter of reference, program selection strategies, organizing program visits, interviewing skills, PGY-1 options, interview process, program selection, meeting with chief residents, residents perspective on the process.

Career Advising Meeting (October/November)
This session is designed for 3rd year students (& some 4th year) ranging from those just curious about anesthesiology to those decided.  Learn the many facets of Anesthesiology, advising resources, senior electives, senior planning, matching demographics, Pathways to Discovery, research opportunities, advising resources.