mount zion campus at sunset.

UCSF Anesthesia & Perioperative Care at Mount Zion

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Mount Zion Hospital was established in 1887 by the San Francisco Jewish community as a non-profit hospital to render “medical and surgical aid and service to the needy and distressed sick of the community ... without regard to race or creed.” Today, Mount Zion continues its involvement in teaching, research, and patient care. 

UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion is home to outpatient clinics, a hospital and surgical facilities, and support services for patients and families. The UCSF Osher Center for Integrative HealthHelen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and Women's Health Center (a nationally designated center of excellence in women's health) all have locations at the Mount Zion campus.

The Mount Zion hospital was renovated in 2021 and has reopened as the new hub for UC San Francisco's adult orthopedic surgery services – the first specialty center in the region to focus on caring for patients with orthopedic issues. Most UCSF orthopedic surgical operations are now performed there, including hip, knee and shoulder replacements; trauma surgeries; and hand, foot and ankle surgeries. It's home to a sports medicine clinic as well.

The Mount Zion Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgery center offering 23-hour postoperative stays. The anesthesia department provides anesthesia, critical care and post-operative pain management for a diverse array of surgical procedures that performed at Mount Zion including General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Head & Neck, Spine, Breast, and Chronic Pain.

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