Involved in a broad array of studies related to how the brain adapts to an insufficient supply of oxygen
State-of-the-art quantitative cardiovascular research and design
Studying vascular malformations of the brain
Blood Diagnostics for Physiology & Trauma in the Acute Care Settings
Device development and research promoting equity in anesthesia & analgesia worldwide
Immune Mechanisms and Immunomodulation in Sepsis and Injury
Founded in 1958 to study effects of hypoxia on humans
Genes for Heart Development and Congenital Heart Defects
Focused on improving perioperative outcomes and patient satisfaction among older adult patients
Working to improve outcomes, health and well-being after surgery
Studying the roles of microvesicles released in lung injury and cancer as a possible therapeutic
Working to uncover and address disparities in perioperative healthcare, and further solutions to achieve equitable care for vulnerable patient populations
Our research focuses on the generation of recombinant antibodies
Interactive atlas describing characteristic features of peripheral nerves using ultrasound imaging
Understanding the tissue injury mechanisms after CNS trauma and recovery of sensory/motor function
The goal of POCCO is to improve our understanding of mechanisms of acute organ injury and recovery in peri-operative care and critical care settings
Focused on outcomes research in older surgical patients to improve perioperative care delivery
Disruptive Machine Learning/AI for Anesthesia, Periop and Critical Care
Focused on innate immune mechanisms and inflammation seen in critical illness
We provide reliable & reproducible recombinant antibodies
Sall’s laboratory is focused on understanding the effect of anesthetics on brain development.
Advancing innovative brain and spine stimulation therapies for pain
Innovative clinical trials, translational research, and data science to improve the perioperative care of patients undergoing liver and kidney transplantation.
Working with clinician educators and trainees to improve teaching, learning, and assessment
Health services research focused on improving healthcare resource allocation and utilization
Study neural circuitry involved in anesthesia and analgesia