Anesthesia tech at zsfg

Anesthesia Tech Services at ZSFG

About us

Anesthesia Tech Services provided at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital play an integral role in supporting the clinical anesthesia service.

The primary objective of our Anesthesia Technicians is to ensure the readiness of all anesthesia service areas for our practitioners to safely administer anesthetics and deliver patient care.

Our Anesthesia Technicians provide services across various areas, encompassing 14 operating rooms and satellite facilities such as gastroenterology, interventional radiology, MRI, Cath Lab, Labor & Delivery, and ICU.

The scope of practice for our Anesthesia Technicians may differ from that of other campuses. Given our status as a level-one trauma hospital, our Anesthesia Tech Team often faces unpredictable workloads, necessitating adaptability to rapidly changing situations and readiness to respond at a moment's notice.

Our vision

We look forward to providing the best patient care by adhering to PRIDE values and adopting superior Operating Room presence and support, knowledge of everything we do, and organization and compassion within our work. For our teammates and colleagues, we will contribute to a positive work environment by accountability, dependability, integrity and great communication. We understand this foundation will continue for the long-term and is our responsibility to uphold. We are committed to this statement and will continue to help create an environment where everyone feels respected and takes initiative. This is our pledge and vision indefinitely for years to come.

Scope of work

The scope of work for Anesthesia Technicians at ZSFG involves round-the-clock dedication to ensuring the availability and functionality of anesthesia equipment and supplies for scheduled and unscheduled procedures. They diligently troubleshoot equipment issues as they arise during medical procedures.

Technicians are readily available to promptly respond to anesthesiologists' requests, providing support for routine and emergency cases, including complex trauma and difficult airway scenarios, as well as both invasive and non-invasive procedures.

We adhere to stringent decontamination standards and cleaning protocols for all anesthesia work areas and the reprocessing of reusable equipment. Additionally, we are responsible for maintaining and assessing the operational status of various patient care equipment, such as ultrasound machines, transducers, video laryngoscopes, intravenous devices, fluid warmers, rapid infusers, nerve stimulators, dopplers, fiberoptic scopes, oximeters, ventilators, portable vital sign monitors, patient warming systems, crash carts, and more.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

Our technicians collaborate closely with interdisciplinary OR staff, the Central Supply Department, Sterile Processing, Clinical Laboratory, Biomedical Engineering, Facilities, Infection Control, Materials Management, and the Department of Public Health IT.

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