Quality & safety

Our mission is to improve patient care by fostering a culture of safety, evaluating the care that we provide, and developing the next generation of anesthesiologists and quality leaders.

The ultimate goal would be to provide quality care with no harm to each and every perioperative patient at UCSF Health.

The Quality Improvement (QI) committee includes faculty, residents, and CRNAs from the department. Members evaluate cases from our self-reporting system as well as referrals from other departments. The discussions are focused on process improvements that lead to system changes and influence patient care. We hope to develop local performance measures in quality and safety that can be compared with national and peer-group benchmarks to identify future improvement areas. And finally, by encouraging active participation at the meeting and during our M&M conference, we want to engage our trainees to learn about, participate in, and lead quality projects.

UCSF also subscribes to International recognized tools that improve surgical safety and outcomes, for example the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. Your anesthesiologist will play a key role in ensuring this safety checklist is completed before your surgery.