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ESRD Guidelines for Aortic Surgery

Andrew Schober, Anne Donovan, Michael Bokoch

Updated : 5/2023

V 5.0

September 2022

Goals and Objectives for Anesthesia Residents on the Liver Transplant Service  


Created 5/29/2014 by Nalin Gupta, Corey Raffel, Heather Fullerton, Christine Fox, reviewed and approved by Michael Lawton and Kurtis Auguste. Revised with Prepare (Amanda Parker), Anesthesia (Atsuko Baba, David Rabinowitz) and PNCC group October 2017 and May 2019.

Version 1.0 / Apr 2021

February 2021

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Patient demographics

Disease background and Procedural Description

Preoperative Assessment

Preoperative Preparations