Since 2018, the University of California, San Francisco has partnered with SFUSD and Bay Area school districts to provide a unique experience for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. UCSF SCORE (Students Capturing the Operating Room Experience) is a one-day event that aims to spark interest in medicine, build students' confidence through role modeling, and provide an entryway into a pipeline directed toward a career in medicine. 

During this program, students will: 
- Engage with diverse UCSF staff and faculty 
- Learn the pathway to various careers in healthcare (physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, anesthesiologist, etc.) 
- Receive live tours of operating rooms and gain exposure to surgery & anesthesiology workflows 
- Participate in hands-on medical simulations with UCSF staff and faculty 

Participants will also learn about internship opportunities with UCSF and have the option of applying for these internships. 

Program date: April 19, 2024 (applications are currently closed)


Student Liability Waiver