Faculty Onboarding


After Signing Offer Letter: 

▢ Send the following to your HR liaison via email:

▢ Signed Important Points of Discussion form
▢ OMAG Signature Form
▢ Date of Birth and Social Security Number (via voicemail or include “SECURE” in subject of email)
▢ Headshot photo and personal details/hobbies for welcome announcement

▢ Apply for your CA medical license if you do not already hold one 
▢ Apply for your DEA certificate if you do not already hold one – instructions here
▢ (Optional) Submit white coat order – details here

4-6 Months Before Start Date

→You will be prompted to complete the following:

▢ UC Me application for credentialing/privileges

  • Office of Medical Affairs and Governance (OMAG) will provide your login
  • After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email where a credentialing analyst will be assigned to review/process your application.  
  • Your credentialing analyst will update you regarding the status of your application, and let you know if it is missing any items or if there are any parts that need further attention.

▢ MyAccess login and Advance packet for academic appointment

  • Annamie Reclusado, HR Generalist, will create your UCSF active directory profile which triggers an auto-generated email to you with your username and temporary login to MyAccess.
  • Note: You will have 72 hours to change your password once you receive this notice. If you miss this deadline, you will need to contact UCSF IT Service Desk at (415) 524-4100 to reset password.
  • Annamie will then reach out to you with instructions on how to complete your Advance appointment packet.
  • Ensure CV and references are added into packet (if applicable)
  • It is critical that you meet all deadlines in this process in order to start on time.

1-2 Months Before Start Date

▢ Schedule a health clearance appointment to be completed at least 2 weeks before start date by calling the Occupational Health Service office at (415) 885-7580

Bring the following immunization records to your appointment: 

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) or titer
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) or titer
  • Hepatitis B vaccines or (preferred) Hepatitis B surface antibodies test results
  • TDAP (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis)
  • Most recent flu vaccination
  • COVID-19 vaccine
  • UCSF requires two-step TB testing. Bring any TB tests including Quantiferon, taken within twelve months of your start date.

1-2 Weeks Before Start Date

▢ Complete APeX trainings

  • Ed Alatorre or Ed Mathews, Anesthesia IT, will provide your login

▢ Complete POC Training for Hemochron Signature Elite LR/Plus, Hemocue and Nova Statstrip glucometer.

  • If you will be part of the cardiac or liver team, please also complete training for ABL90 blood gas instrument.
  • Once completed, please sign up for additional in-person observation.

▢ Sign Pyxis form – this will be sent to you via DocuSign. Pyxis is the medication dispensing system. 

▢ Complete assigned/required UC Learning trainings – if not listed under your required training, please search for it within UC Learning

▢ Annual Safety Training
▢ HIPAA 101 – Privacy and Security for New UCSF Faculty, Staff, Trainees, Students and Volunteers
▢ UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals
▢ UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
▢ UCSF Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
▢ Infection Prevention Training
▢ Restraint Use Training
▢ Professionalism in Healthcare
▢ Safe Patient Handling Training
▢ Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare
▢ COVID-19 Prevention Training
▢ UCSF Level II MRI Personnel Safety Module

▢ Paty Vu, HR Coordinator, will schedule onboarding meetings for your first day


Welcome to your first day at UCSF! You will meet with various leaders within the department and receive a clinical orientation with a member of our faculty. This day will be reserved for ensuring you are ready to begin your first clinical day.

▢ Attend onboarding meetings with HR, IT, and departmental leadership
▢ Ensure you can sign in to APeX and walk through basic charting
▢ Review Voalte Training Information and Tip Sheets
▢ Review ERAS pathways on Department of Anesthesia website
▢ Pick up ID badge from WeID office
▢ Receive pager (Oakland only), badge lanyard, and white coat
▢ Clinical Tour: locker room, scrub machines, Pyxis substations, workroom, PACU, Preop, and ORs
▢ Verify badge access at OR entry, Anesthesia Lounge, and NORA sites during tour
▢ Register for scrubs account using ScrubEx link
▢ Request OR locker by contacting the site-specific individuals


Welcome to your first clinical days at UCSF! This checklist is created to help identify some of the important takeaway points during your orientation and proctoring period.

General information:

  • At all sites, we have an E1 attending who is in charge of scheduling, OR management, and always available for questions or clinical support. If you have a question, start there.
  • The UCSF Department of Anesthesia website has many ERAS pathways and protocols in Clinical Resources. Please take some time to go through these.
  • Make sure you can sign on to APeX and walk through basic charting.
  • Continuous quality improvement is the standard at UCSF. Any adverse event or near-miss should be reported via the QI reporting tool on the UCSF Department of Anesthesia website.
  • Each site has a location dedicated for streaming of Grand Rounds, QI, and faculty meetings on Wednesday mornings.
  • Case assignments can be reviewed on CaseView.

Parnassus (Site Director: Helge Eilers)

▢ Introduce yourself to the E1am. They can always be found at 353-1581 (x31581)
▢ Find the appropriate locker room and scrub machines.
▢ Tour Preop, PACU, workroom, and ORs on the 4th floor
▢ Find the Pain Office in PACU where you can meet the Regional attending/PACU attending and know who to call when you need support in either of those areas.
▢ Identify the many NORA physical locations: Endo, ERCP, NeurIR, Body IR, MRI, EP, cath
▢ Please make sure you identify your proctoring attending during your first two weeks and provide them with the evaluation forms you received during on-boarding.

Mission Bay (Site Director: Lee-lynn Chen)

▢ Introduce yourself to the E1am. They can always be found at 502-0447 (x20447)
▢ Find the appropriate locker room and scrub machine
▢ Tour the 2nd floor Preop, PACU, workroom, and ORs
▢ Identify the NORA locations: ERCP, MRI, IR, REI clinic 
▢ Make sure you review the ERAS pathways for Colorectal, Gyn Onc, and Total Mastectomies

Mount Zion (Site Director: Christy Inglis-Arkell)

▢ Introduce yourself to the E1am.  They can be reached at 514-2309 (x42309)
▢ Find the locker rooms and scrub machines
▢ Tour the 3rd floor Preop, PACU, workroom, and ORs
▢ Identify the NORA locations: Endo and Body IR
▢ Make sure to review the ERAS pathways for Total Mastectomy

After Start Date

▢ Review and update UCSF Directory profile
▢ Review PagerBox web site – your name should appear within a few days of receiving your pager.
▢ Submit request for provider page on UCSF Health website – instructions here
▢ Confirm all onboarding meetings have taken place
▢ UCPath actions:

  • Enroll in benefits within 31 days of start date
  • Enroll in direct deposit
  • Review Retirement Choice Modeling and select retirement plan

▢ Join UCSF Anesthesia on Slack for wellness and fun!
▢ Attend academic affairs orientation and identify career mentor (for Assistant rank faculty only)
▢ Attend annual Faculty Development Day (usually in September)

For a printable version of the checklist, click here