Pioneers of Anesthesia Lectures

John W. Severinghaus, MD Presents "High Altitude Physiology"

Inventor of modern blood gas analysis, inventor of the carbon dioxide electrode, and author of over 200 peer reviewed publications in areas of gas exchange/transport, Dr. John Severinghaus presents "High Altitude Physiology" available to view in twelve segments.

Introduction (1/12)

Introduction to High Altitude (2/12)

Carotid Body Physiology and HVR (3/12)

Response to High C02 (4/12)

Hypoxia Hilton: UC High Altitude Research Lab (5/12)

Study on Serum and CSF Acide-Base Balance at Altitude (6/12)

CBF at Altitude (7/12)

Hypoxic Ventilatory Decline (8/12)

A Note on the History of Pulse Oximetry (9/12)

Altitude Sickness: Signs and Symptoms (10/12)

Blood Gases on Everest (11/12)

Tom Hornbein Tribute (12/12)

John W. Severinghaus, MD "Eight Sages Over 5 Centuries Share Oxygen’s Discovery" (2017)