Frequently Asked Questions - Interviewing

When are your interview dates for 2016-17? What is the interview schedule like?
Our interview dates will be in November (14, 18, 21, 30), December (2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14), and January (4, 6, 9, 11, 13).
Our residents will host a dinner the night before each interview. The interview day will end at 2pm for the categorical and advanced tracks. On selected interview days, we will have additional presentations and/or interviews for the Research Scholars Track and Critical Care Scholars Track. You will receive additional information with the interview invitation.

When will you send interview invitations?
Your application files will be reviewed when we have received your CV, personal statement, at least 3 letters of recommendation, transcript, and USMLE scores. The MSPE ("Dean's Letter") for current medical students is not released until October 1. We will begin issuing interview invitations by email on a weekly basis beginning September 28, and ending November 8.

When will you issue letters declining an interview? Is there an appeals process?
We will email candidates who are declined an interview starting mid-October and continuing on a weekly basis until November 16. You may send a letter of appeal to with the subject line "Appeal for Residency Interview" followed by your AAMC ID number. Within a week, you will receive a reply only if you are granted an interview position on appeal.