Before you attend your assigned course, please obtain pick up an ACLS manual and ACLS provider card from the education office.  Additionally, you will be required to view the online videos assigned views assigned via medhub and complete the precourse self-assessment with a passing score > 70%.

Before your ACLS course
1. Visit 
2. Enter manual code: acls15 
3. Click Precourse Self-Assessment (Flash) to begin 
4. Learners must print out their score and bring this on the first day 

Please direct all questions to Cindy Chin ([email protected]) or Lee-lynn Chen ([email protected]).

Instructor Schedule

9/23/2019 Pedram Aleshi, Zhe Chen, Rachel Mckay
11/7/2019 Odmara Barreto-Chang, Joyce Chang, Kerstin Kolodzie
12/19/2019 Gerald Dubowitz, Marty London, Mae Yap
01/27/2020 Zhe Chen, Manny Pardo, Mae Yap
02/10/2020 Benn Lancman, Manny Pardo, Kristina Sullivan
03/30/2020 Odmara Bareto-Chang, Oana Maties, David Shimabukuro
06/11/2020 (Day 1) Manny Pardo, Mae Yap, Peter Yeh 
06/12/2020 (Day 2) Vincent Lew, Marty London, Peter Yeh
09/24/2020 Joyce Chang, Sonali Joshi, Marty London
11/05/2020 Marty London, Kathryn Rouine-Rapp, Claas Siegmueller
12/17/2020 Matthias Behrends, Lee-lynn Chen, Claas Siegmueller
01/21/2021 Seema Gandhi, Andrea Olmos, Manny Pardo
02/04/2021 Kerstin Kolodzie, Linda Liu, Andrea Olmos
03/11/2021 Rachel McKay, Kristina Sullivan, Peter Yeh
06/10/2021 Pedram Aleshi, Benn Lancman, Vincent Lew
06/11/2021 Ottilia Magnusson, Kristina Sullivan, Art Wallace

ACLS Manual
I. Course Overview
II. Systematic Approach
III. Technology Review
IV. Team Dynamics and Megacode
V. Learning Station
VI. Testing Details and Testing Station Setups
VII. Testing Station
2015 AHA ACLS Updates
AHA 2018 Update (Circulation)
AHA Update

Pocket Cards 

Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
ACLS Algorithms (post-cardiac arrest, bradycardia, tachycardia)

ACLS Videos


For More information, please visit the ACLS page