Pathways to Discovery

The Pathways to Discovery Program (PTD) is an innovative program allowing motivated learners to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to contribute to health beyond the care of individual patients. The five pathways represent areas of specialization including health research, curriculum and education theory development, policy and advocacy, and other interventions to improve health on a global scale.

The general format for each pathway includes a mentored project designed and executed in collaboration with a UCSF faculty member, a curriculum designed to prepare learners for independent work and leadership, and the creation of a legacy that provides lasting value to the UCSF community.

These pathways can be done concurrently with your anesthesiology residency, and are fully supported by the program. For more information, please visit the School of Medicine Pathways to Discovery website.


The Five Pathways  
The Clinical and Translational Research Pathway provides training, mentorship, and professional     development to learners who want to improve health through clinical research.  
The Global Health Pathway offers courses and educational opportunities to build a background             understanding of the vocabulary, problems, and concepts in global health, and to develop tools for success in global health careers.  
The Health & Society Pathway prepares UCSF learners to be scholars and leaders in health policy,     health systems, health disparities, community engagement, advocacy, social science, and/or behavioral science.  
The Health Professions Education Pathway trains leaders who can shape future health professional   education as faculty, education leaders, and scholars.  

The Molecular Medicine Pathway provides training and a career-support framework to help students and residents envision a "career path forward" that combines clinical practice and disease-oriented laboratory research.