General Research Resources

Office of Research 

The Office of Research provides leadership, direction, and management of campus-wide research administration, infrastructure and services, including the centralized services listed below. Stay up to date on campus-wide research-related news by subscribing to the monthly UCSF ReSearch ReSource e-newsletter.

Anesthesia Research Digest

The Anesthesia Research Digest is a monthly e-newsletter sent by the Anesthesia Research Team. Each newsletter includes research funding opportunities, events, and announcements. Subscribe here.

COVID-19 Research & Policies 

This site is a hub for COVID-19 related research projects, funding opportunities, resources, guidelines, and policies at UCSF.

Shared Equipment for Clinical Research

The Department of Anesthesia has shared laboratory resources to support clinical research at the Parnassus campus. Access can be granted by request and requires completion of relevant training and addition to the Biological Use Authorization (BUA) that covers these resources. Contact Shantel Weinsheimer ([email protected]) for details and to request access. Resources include:

  • Storage space for human samples (up to BSL2) in a shared alarmed -80C freezer. 
  • Part-time use of a shared small laboratory space with bench space for small-scale projects involving processing of clinical samples (e.g., blood, saliva, and tissue samples) and molecular biology (e.g., DNA/RNA extraction, genotyping, and gene expression analyses). 
  • Available equipment: qPCR instrument with both 96- and 384-well plate capability (Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6) for real-time or endpoint assays including gene expression, genetic variation (genotyping/DNA copy number), gene regulation, or protein expression experiments, 96-well thermocycler, refrigerated high-speed tabletop centrifuge (Sorvall Legend X1R), Qubit spectrophotometer for nucleic acid quantification, oven tabletop incubator with shaker (ThermoScientific MaxQ 4450), gel electrophoresis (Invitrogen e-base), mini-centrifuge, multi-channel and single-channel pipettes, and infrastructure for sample tracking and handling in place with a barcode scanner.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) 

CTSI facilitates clinical and translational research by providing infrastructure, services and training. Several CTSI programs are highlighted below, with the full list found on their website:

Clinical Research Resource HUB (hub)

The HUB is a virtual Clinical Research Resource that provides a single portal to a wealth of resources, expertise, and best practices for investigators and research staff to facilitate efficient, compliant and ethical study conduct and management.

Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) 

MPOG is an academic consortium that seeks to improve patient care using electronic healthcare data. The goal of MPOG research is to accelerate outcomes research and investigate perioperative adverse events. Learn more about the department’s involvement in MPOG here and how to use MPOG data for your research here.

UCSF Data Resources 

This website is a reference site for research data resources and services at UCSF.