USMLE Scores

Q: Do you have cut-off scores for USMLE Parts 1 and 2?

A: We do not have absolute cut-off scores for granting interviews. In 2022, the national mean for anesthesia applicants was 230 for Part 1 and 241 for Part 2 CK. Your performance on the USMLE will be considered with the rest of your application materials.


Q: Must I take USMLE Part 2 prior to interviewing?

A: A passing score on both parts of USMLE Step II is required for all trainees beginning a UCSF GME program. To meet this requirement, applicants should have passed USMLE Step II  prior to placement on UCSF rank order lists. In selected cases, with the approval of the Program Director and the Office of GME, applicants may be placed on UCSF rank order lists without the USMLE Step II score.