Respiratory Care Services

Polina Murdakhayev – Respiratory Care Director

Contact Info
[email protected]

Ricardo Perez – Day Shift Manager/Respiratory Therapist Supervisor

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[email protected]

Leo Bandian – Night Shift Manager, Respiratory Therapist Supervisor

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[email protected]

Manage the day to day operations, oversee direct reports and their assignments, responsible for shift needs and break coverage as well as shift to shift communications.

Day Shift

Night Shift

Catherine Albert

Safi Atamy

Rachael Burns

Joanna Chow


Earl Mangalindan

Respiratory Care Practitioners
Provide direct patient care, participate in MERT and CODE Blue responses, trauma, managing airways, ventilator management and arterial line draws.

Day Shift

Night Shift

Raymart Aquino

James Calvert

Ingrid Barnoski

Yowty Chao

Clara Cespedes

Brandon Chew

Amy Dean

Terry Chu

Rose Fejerang

Jill Fazel Darbandi

Marlowe Ferrer

Byron Decuire

Yelena Fursov

Alexandra Donaldson

Hanaa Hammoudeh

Bo Jacob Dykes

Stephanie Hendricks

Leslie Gatchalian

Jasmeet Johal

Veronica Lear

Nicholas Leonor

Cheryl Moon

Adam Loomis

Anngie Navarro

Jessica Nastor

Hannah Ong

Lance Pangilinan

Vanessa Pauley

Chanera Rahming

Justin Phillips

Susan Rulon

Serena Shen

Dmitri Saladze

Travis Summers

Misty Scholz

Angelo Viloria

Annie Sikhounchanh

Douglas Whiting

Josephine Sylvester

Vivian Yip

Isaias Torres


Grey Wedeking


Laura Martin – Educator/Education Coordinator

Contact Info
[email protected] 
Areas of Responsibility
Recruitment, training new staff, ensures staff competency, resident, nurse training, skills labs, bedside care as needed for staffing crisis.

Logan Carothers – Equipment Manager

Contact Info
[email protected]
Areas of Responsibility 
Manages equipment and supplies, vendor and materials management relations, new equipment education and training, managing respiratory techs, bedside care as needed for staffing crisis.

RCS Technicians

Responsible for the par wall supplies, medical gas ordering and delivery for the hospital, pantry ordering.
Crystal Cheng
Danilo Nacnac
Joe Nauer
Nicole Simon

Outpatient Clinic
Management of the respiratory side of the Asthma, COPD, CHEST, SLEEP and COVID clinics, including but not limited to the follow up and well being phone calls to patients, reading the sleep tests and forwarding the results to the physicians and bedside care as needed for staffing crisis.

Jenny Hsieh, Outpatient Coordinator
Eula Lewis, Outpatient RCP 

Greg Burns – Quality Manager

P&P, research and quality measures for the RCS department and Critical Care at ZSFG, EPIC improvements and bedside care as needed for staffing crisis.