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The specialty of anesthesia has never been more complex as anesthesiologists stretch their critical role in the treatment of serious perioperative health issues for diverse patient populations. Our department has long been a national leader in driving the research that ultimately improves the quality of patient care. In fact, we are among the top departments for NIH research funding in anesthesia in the United States. The Research Domain of the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care pursues two basic missions:

To advance scientific discovery and innovation in clinically-relevant areas related to anesthesia, perioperative medicine, pain management and critical care medicine: Our research program is driven by the strength of our faculty, which features some of the most internationally-respected names in anesthesia research. Major research programs in our department focus on vascular disease, cognitive outcomes, hypoxia and ischemia, pain, cerebrovascular malformations and stroke, lung injury, sepsis, antibody engineering, and anesthetic mechanisms.

To train and develop physicians and scientists pursuing careers that involve basic, translational, and/or clinical research on topics related to these broad areas: Creation of new knowledge is vital to the future of biomedicine, and our specialty in particular. The department is committed to helping residents, fellows, and junior faculty succeed in identifying and pursuing important research questions. This commitment to scholarship in research runs deep, both historically and in the present, supported wholeheartedly by our Chair, Dr. Gropper, and the entire faculty.

Judith Hellman, MD
Professor and Vice Chair for Research

Diversity and Inclusion News

Judith Hellman photo with research lab beakers
May 02, 2019

Each year, when the American Society of Anesthesiologists chooses a recipient for our Excellence in Research Award, we look for impact.

Neurosurgeon Edward Chang performs an awake brain surgery at UCSF.
April 12, 2019

This March, the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) released its top 20 downloaded articles for 2018.

Fumitaka Inoue, PhD, associate specialist in the department of Bioengineering in the School of Pharmacy, pipettes enzymes into centrifuge tubes in a process called PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, that amplifies DNA to study gene regulation, in the Ahituv Lab, in Rock Hall, at the Mission Bay campus.
April 04, 2019

Jo Cameron didn’t realize she felt no pain until her mid-60s, when doctors investigated why she didn’t need painkillers after a typically painful hand surgery.

John Elliott, caregiver, runs through cognitive test with Joel Kramer, PsyD at UCSF Mission Bay. Photo by Steve Babuljak
March 20, 2019

Postoperative delirium is a serious and debilitating condition affecting millions of older adults in the US every year, yet it is poorly understood.

Upcoming Research Events

Type: Education, Research
Audience: Fellow, CA-4 Resident, CA-3 Resident, CA-2 Resident, CA-1 Resident, Intern
Date: 02/04/20
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Location: Parnassus
Room: 513 Parnassus S-455
Speaker: Michelle Chew, MBBS, PhD
Type: Research
Audience: Faculty, Fellow, CA-4 Resident, CA-3 Resident, CA-2 Resident, CA-1 Resident, Intern, Respiratory Care Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner, CRNA, Non-Faculty Academic
Date: 02/04/20
Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: Parnassus
Room: N0729
Speaker: Michelle Chew, MBBS, PhD