UCSF Health Locations

Scrubs can be retrieved and returned via scrubEx machines using your UCSF ID badge. Once you are issued your UCSF ID, please register for scrubs access by filling out the online form on the scrubEx website.

Scrub machine locations


Mission Bay

Mount Zion

M-287 (Shared location)

M1385C (Shared location)


S-468 (Men’s locker room)

A2525 (Women’s locker room)


L-535 (Women’s locker room)

A2522 (Men’s locker room)


L-575 (Men’s locker room)

C2914 (Shared PEDI Scrub/Jacket Dispenser)



C2710 (Women’s PEDI locker/Scrub return)



C2712 (Men’s PEDI locker/Scrub return)



A3630 (Shared location)


For any questions or issues regarding scrubs or access to the scrub machines, please contact Jonathan Todd ([email protected]). 


New hires are assigned scrubs after they provide the ZSFG Anesthesia Business Office (ABO) the 5-digit number on the back of their ZSFG badge.  The ABO will then work with DPH management to assign them scrub credits to get access and receive their scrubs from the scrub dispenser machines.

Scrub machine locations:

Building 25, Ground Floor Level

  • Men’s Locker Room – HG712
  • Women’s Locker Room – HG711

*For any issues regarding scrubs, please contact the ZSFG ABO through their ServiceNow email – [email protected]