Anesthesia Research Team

The current research portfolio consists of $33M of extramural funds and $4.5M of intramural and department-funded awards. 

Anesthesia Research Team Org Chart

Kate Alfieri, PhD – Director of Research Development and Training
[email protected] | 415-514-9213
Provides scientific and administrative perspective to leadership for the conceptualization, planning, and development of research development and training operations in order to advance the department’s research enterprise. She serves as the primary scientific advisor to the Vice Chair for Research and liaison between the Research Operations Committee (ROC), the Ronald D. Miller Professor, the Director of Clinical Research, and the Anesthesia Biostats and Clinical Research Design (ABCD) Group. Contact Kate for questions about research mentorship and training (including the Research Scholars Track, T32 Training Program, and Pathway to Scientific Independence), identifying funding opportunities, grant writing and review, NIH Biosketches, letters of support from the Chair and Vice Chair for Research, DEI initiatives in the research domain, the ABCD Group, and MPOG.

Nancy Ha – Director of Research Administration 
[email protected] | 415-476-4762
Provides direction and leadership for the fiscal and administrative management of the research domain to sustain and advance the department’s research enterprise. As the liaison to the ROC, Chair, and Associate Chair of Finance and Administration for research finances, she oversees the PI Portfolio team’s post-award management and reporting of intra and extramural contracts and grants to ensure compliance to sponsor and University regulations, as well as pre-award activities not handled by OSR and OCTA. Contact Nancy for assistance with budget preparation for intramural grant applications, prior-approval requests (NCE, carryover, research scholar spending, etc.) pertaining to department-funded projects, research space & equipment inquires, and any general pre-award and research finance & operations questions. 

Julie Leong – Research Education and Administration Analyst 
[email protected] | 415-320-7091
Plans, coordinates, and maintains research education and development programs for learners and faculty such as the visiting speakers program, research lecture series, and annual research symposium. She manages the annual award cycle for Ongoing, New Direction, and Clinical Seed awards, and assists with pre- and post-award actions for extramural contracts and grants, such as sub-award requests and correspondance, no-cost-extensions, carryforward requests, award advances, contract preparation for Pulse Oximeter studies (including award amendments), and generation of updated faculty Other Support pages and other JIT information. 

Dulce Mohler – PI Portfolio Team Manager
[email protected] | 415-476-3901
Provides leadership, training, and expertise to the PI Portfolio team and research faculty in all financial post-award management activities for sponsored and intramural funds, as well as compliance with sponsor and University regulations. She serves as the department’s financial representative for any audits of sponsored projects, develops and implements procedures and internal controls to help her team effectively manage contracts and grants, and is responsible for all PI effort reporting. Dulce reviews and approves all financial transactions related to research including travel vouchers (MyExpense), BearBuy requisitions and payment reimbursements, subcontract invoices, and salary and non-payroll expenditure cost transfers. 

In addition to her managerial duties, she performs financial analysis and reporting for her own PI portfolio.  

PI Portfolio Team – Please go here to find your analyst
The PI Portfolio team members work to support all aspects related to managing intra and extramural awards, department RFAs and clinical seeds, endowments, and research scholar funds. This includes performing financial analysis and reporting, reconciliation and verification of ledger accounts, preparation of BearBuy requisitions, reimbursements, journal entries for salary and non-payroll expense transfers, etc. In addition, they work with Contracts and Grants Accounting to ensure and prepare timely and accurate invoices, reports, and award closeouts. Some team members also provide administrative support to help labs receive deliveries. 

Jillene Sturgess-DaPrato, MS – Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected] | 415-885-7388
Develops and implements services to promote and sustain clinical research in the Department under the direction of the Director of Clinical Research and Director of Research Development and Training. Provides administrative support for ApEX, OCTA, the IRB, and OnCore and leads training and engagement opportunities for the Department CRC community. Contact Jillene with questions about navigating the UCSF clinical research offices.


If you are unsure who to contact, email [email protected] and the appropriate person will get back to you.

Anesthesia Investigators
A list of faculty investigators by broad research area can be found here. Contact [email protected] with updates to the list.