Welcome to UCSF Division of Neuroanesthesia

Welcome to the UCSF Division of Neuroanesthesia. We are proud of our position as one of the premier neuroanesthesia groups in the country. Our mission is clinical care, teaching and research to further the science and art of caring for patients who require neurological surgery. UCSF is one of the largest and most diverse centers in the world for the care of neurosurgical patients. The talents and experience of the members of our Neuroanesthesia team are equally broad and encompass expertise in complex clinical care for the most challenging types of surgeries, numerous clinical and basic science research programs, and excellence in clinical teaching for our medical students, residents and fellows. We invite you to explore this web page to learn more about our division.


Philip E, Bickler, MD PhD
Chief of Neuroanesthesia


Faculty Information

Phil Bickler MD, PhD

Jame Caldwell M.B.Ch.B.
Professor of Anesthesia

Elizabeth Donegan MD, PhD
Associate Professor

Harold Fong, MD
Clinical Instructor

Adrian W Gelb MBChB, FRCPC

Larry Litt Ph.D., M.D.

Susan Ryan Ph.D., M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Chanhung Lee M.D., PhD
Assistant Professor




Previous Faculty

James Mitchell MB BS
Visiting Assistant Professor

Joan Howley M.P.H., M.D.
Associate Professor

Peter M. C. Wright MD, PhD

Marla Ferschl MD
Clinical Instructor




Research Faculty

bickler1.jpgPhilip Bickler, M.D., Ph.D. studies how neurons from different types of animals adapt to the lack of oxygen or situations such as hibernation. This information is being applied to develop better strategies for neuroprotection and to provide safer anesthetics to individuals with aged or injured brains.



caldwell1.jpgJames Caldwell, M.B., Ch.B investigates neuromuscular pharmacology, particularly pharmacokinetics. Dr. Caldwell also is investigating management science and how the principles of management
science can be applied to the operating room.




litt.jpgLarry Litt, M.D., Ph.D. investigates how intracellular energy metabolism of neurons and glia relate to brain injury and protection during hypoxia and ischemia. Mitochondria send out signals to start and stop apoptosis and necrosis; Dr. Litt studies brain slices with NMR spectroscopy to measure the emission or absorption of free radicals generated by mitochondrial signaling.




Talke.jpgPekka Talke, M.D studies the pharmacology and physiology of alpha-2 adrenoceptors. His current clinical studies focus on the hemodynamic effects of alpha-2 agonists in human volunteers and surgical patients. Ongoing research examines alpha-2b adrenoceptor mediated peripheral vasoconstriction and the effects of alpha-2b adrenoceptor polymorphism on peripheral vasoconstriction in humans.



Young.jpgWillian Young, M.D. investigates the integrative physiology of the cerebral circulation with special reference to angiogenesis, cerebral malformations and occlusive cerebrovascular disease. He also investigates the clinical physiology of systemic and cerebral circulatory manipulation during neuroanesthetic management.

For Residents
Journal Club

Neuroanesthesia journal club

Where & when
We meet on the last Thursday of every four-week resident block in neuroanesthesia. You will receive an email confirming the date during the first week of your rotation.

The journal club takes place at 3:30pm in S-455.

Two papers
will be presented by volunteering residents. We will ask for volunteers during the second week of your block.

Generally, each club will have a specific topic or 'theme'. In case you want to present, we will provide you with a list of articles on that particular topic from which to chose one that interests you. It is also possible to present a paper you have found yourself. Please discuss this with us.

Each presentation should last no more than 15 minutes maximum, ideally around 12 minutes so that there will be enough time for discussion. We are aiming to finish by 4:15pm the latest.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The publications to be reviewed will be emailed out to neuroanesthesia faculty and residents on their neuro rotation at the beginning of the week of the journal club date. Please read the articles if you are going to attend so that you can contribute to the discussion.

Preparing your presentation
In case you are presenting we would ask you to use a PowerPoint template that will be emailed to you. The template ensures that we can keep a uniform library of past presentations while adhering to a proven format of reviewing a publication.

If you need some advice on how to review a paper, the British Medical Journal has an excellent open-access resource on its website, aptly named 'how to read a paper'.

We welcome any questions and suggestions!

Best wishes
Claas Siegmueller & Oana Maties 


Neuroanesthesia Fellowship

For Neuroanesthesia fellowships, please contact:
Chanhung Lee, M.D, PhD.
Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
University of California, San Francisco
533 Parnassus Ave, 368V
San Francisco, CA 94143-1363
(415) 206-8906
Email: [email protected]

Application Requirement:

  1. Curriculum Vitae, including a personal statement (up to one page), describing your interest in neurosurgical anesthesiology and your career goals.
  2. Three letters of recommendation, including one from the residency program director. 
  3. USMLE and ITE transcripts.


The Team

Phil Bickler MD, PhD

James Caldwell M.B.Ch.B.
Professor of Anesthesia

Elizabeth Donegan MD, PhD
Associate Professor

Harold Fong MD
Clinical Instructor

Adrian W Gelb MBChB, FRCPC

Larry Litt Ph.D., M.D.

Susan Ryan Ph.D., M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Pekka Talke M.D.

Chanhung Lee M.D., PhD
Assistant Professor



Interventional Neuroradiologists

Mirza Alam
Yasmin Elhasram
Lunjun Guo
Russ Lyon
Roger Noss
Charles Yingling

Neuro Nurses
Elisabeth Jimenez-Pitts-Pod Manager
Deidre Koeb-CN IV
April Sabangan-CN IV Pending
Lisa Lindsey-CN III
Julia Lee-CN III
Yuliya Gribonos-CN III Pending
Barbara Bevan-Abel-CN II - AM
Carina Ceralde-CN II - AM
Jean Ramirez Delacruz-CN II - AM, Skull Base Tumor Resource
Anna Flores-CN II - AM
Nadja Levesque-CN II - AM, Stereotactic/Functional/Frame Based Resource
Laura Lyman-CN II - AM
Gigi Mahidlaon-CN II - AM
Stephen Macasero-CN II - AM
Susanna Miric-CN II - AM
Sharlene Tasato-CN II - AM
Judy Yackle-CN II - AM, Insular Tumor Resource
Jeanette Capitulo-CN II - PM
Carleen Carolus-CN II - PM
Cristianne Dinglasan-CN II - PM
Blanca Dobkin-CN II - PM, Transphenoidal Resource
Rachel Santosidad-CN II - PM
Jeffrey Myers-Principal Surgical Tech

Rose Hromek-Senior Surgical Tech
Tami Fulton-Senior Surgical Tech
Edgar Perez-Senior Surgical Tech, Endoscopic Skull Base Tumor Resource









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