ERAS Questions

Q: How many categorical (includes PGY-1) and advanced residents (begins PGY-2) do you have in a typical residency class?

A: The number can vary slightly from year to year, but we generally offer 10 categorical positions and 16 advanced positions. The same application and interview process is used for both tracks, and you do not need to decide prior to the interview day.


Q: I noticed that you have both “categorical” and “advanced” tracks – do I have to interview separately for each track?

A: No, you do not have to interview separately for each track. You will be considered equally for both tracks – in fact, the same rank list will be submitted to the NRMP at the conclusion of our interview season. Although you will only need to interview once, you will still need to separately rank our categorical and advanced tracks on your final rank list.


Q: When is the last date I can submit an application to your program?

A: For applicants participating in the NRMP match, the due date for submission is November 1.