Funding Opportunities

Several places to find research funding opportunities are linked below. [email protected] can also assist department researchers with identifying appropriate grant mechanisms.

  • Anesthesia Research Digest is a monthly e-newsletter sent by the Anesthesia Research Team that includes relevant funding opportunities.
  • Anesthesia Funding Opportunities is a list of grant mechanisms that are relevant to Anesthesia researchers.
  • Research Development Office funding opportunities page provides additional resources for finding intramural and extramural funding.
  • UCSF Funding Opportunities email list sends research funding announcements to the UCSF community. To subscribe to the list, send an email to [email protected] with no subject and “Subscribe [email protected] Your Name” in the body of the email.

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) 

OSR provides support to faculty on sponsored projects via three teams:

  • Proposals and Grants: Provides administrative support to researchers from proposal through post proposal submission and award setup for all federal grants mechanisms and non-profit funding opportunities. The department’s Grants Officer and main contact for all extramural pre-award support is Travis Rimando ([email protected]). Contact Travis at least 30 calendar days prior to the sponsor deadline for standard grants and fellowships, 60 calendar days prior to the sponsor deadline for large proposals (e.g. proposals with subcontracts or international components), and 4-6 months prior to the sponsor submission deadline for complex proposals (e.g. complex center grants, institutional training grants and cooperative agreements). Note: for help with intramural (e.g., department or UCSF sponsored) research proposal budgets, contact Nancy Ha ([email protected]) in the Department of Anesthesia. 
  • Contracts and Awards: Provides pre-award services (such as budget-development) to faculty seeking contracts with federal, state, municipal or foreign governments, as well as negotiation and advice on training affiliations and professional services.
  • Industry Contracts Division (ICD): Reviews, negotiates and executes all of industry sponsored research agreements, clinical trials, material transfers, confidentiality and consulting agreements. The department’s Industry Contracts Officer is Kent Iwamiya ([email protected]).

Office of Clinical Trial Activation (OCTA) 

OCTA supports all aspects of clinical research activation and provides assistance with OnCore, Coverage Analysis, budget creation, and financial negotiation for industry funded clinical trials, Medical Center APeX billing accounts, and more. They partner with Industry Contracts Division (ICD) to finalize and execute all industry clinical trials. Larry Chan ([email protected]) is the department’s OCTA Budget Analyst. You may also contact Jillene Sturgess-DaPrato ([email protected]) in the Department of Anesthesia if you need help navigating OCTA.

Research Development Office (RDO) 

RDO assists researchers in obtaining extramural funding and creating research relationships through several programs. Two key programs used by our department are listed below. Visit the RDO website for a complete list of programs.

  • Resource Allocation Program (RAP) coordinates intramural research funding opportunities for the UCSF campus.
  • Limited Submission Program (LSP) manages limited submission opportunities (LSOs). LSOs are extramural funding opportunities that either limit the number of applications UCSF may put forward to a given sponsor or require some other kind of internal coordination (e.g., to eliminate unnecessary duplication of instrument requests).