Finding Solutions That Address Clinician Well-Being With New Well-Being Working Groups

Well-being working group members

This February, the department is launching five well-being working groups that are focused on designing and implementing solutions to the most pressing well-being challenges faced by our faculty.

Five working groups will spend a year tackling specific well-being concerns:

  • Scheduling predictability and overscheduling
  • Onboarding, orientation, and hiring
  • The clinical work environment
  • Equity for faculty
  • Retention of at-risk faculty groups


The working groups are using the department’s Quality of Life Improvement (QOLI) approach, a novel process that incorporates human-centered design, quality improvement and implementation science as described in an article written by Drs. Jina Sinskey, Joyce Chang, Dorre Nicholau, and Michael Gropper.

The initiation of the working groups is a result of the annual UCSF engagement NPS physician work experience survey conducted in early 2023.


Twelve faculty are participating as either sponsors or leads:

Scheduling predictability and overscheduling 

Sponsor: Helge Eilers

Lead: Nick Mendez

Onboarding, orientation, and hiring

Sponsors: Christy Inglis-Arkell, Manny Pardo, Oana Maties

Lead: Jeremy Juang

The clinical work environment

Sponsors: Joyce Chang, Jina Sinskey

Lead: Jenny Woodbury

Equity for faculty

Sponsor: Odi Ehie

Lead: Karen Fleming

Retention of at-risk faculty groups

Sponsors: Jina Sinskey, Odi Ehie

Lead: Ranjani Venkataramani