William Ng, MBBS

Assistant Clinical Professor

Australian-Canadian trained Anaesthesiologist (FANZCA, FRCPC) with subspecialty fellowships in
- Cardiovascular Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Intensive Care (University of Toronto, Toronto General Hospital)
- Thoracic Anesthesia and Transplantation (University of Toronto, Toronto General Hospital)
- Pediatric Anesthesia (University of Toronto, Hospital for Sick Children)
- Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia (Harvard University, Boston Children's Hospital)

Previously Attending Anaesthesiologist in Australia (NSW Health) and Hong Kong (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital).

I would love to collaborate in clinical outcomes research, especially in the congenital heart disease, heart and lung transplant patients.

Married to Danielle with 3 children (Emmanuelle, Christian, Jude).

Check out our Division wiki (https://goo.gl/fEHp42) dedicated to clinical resources, and education in Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia.

//Deo Soli Gloria//

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