Michael Bokoch, MD, PhD

Associate Prof of Anesthesia
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Honors and Awards: 
William K. Hamilton Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching, UCSF, 2019-2020
Jeffrey A. Katz Award, for work ethic and professionalism in patient care, UCSF, 2015
Excellence in Medical Student Teaching Award, UCSF, 2013
Allen B. Barbour Award, Excellence in Clinical Medicine, Stanford University, 2011
Daniel Burke Prize, Excellence in both Biology and Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2003
John Schoff Millis Award, Senior with the best academic record, Case Western Reserve University, 2003
Mateescu Student Citizenship Award, Dept. of Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2003
Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Ohio Chapter, Case Western Reserve University, 2003
Olin Freeman Tower Prize, Excellence in Physical Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2002
Merck Index Award, Excellence in Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2001
Trustees' Scholarship, Case Western Reserve University, 1999-2003