close-up of a pregnant woman lying on her back receiving an ultrasound

Obstetric Anesthesia

Around 3,000 babies are born annually at UCSF, which is recognized as one of the nation’s best in obstetrics and gynecology, according to US News Rankings. Our faculty, fellows, and residents collaborate closely with obstetricians, perinatologists, and labor nurses to ensure patient safety and comfort. We address the full spectrum of obstetric concerns, from standard pregnancy care to highly specialized services for high-risk pregnancies and more.

Our field

Obstetric Anesthesia is a specialized field of anesthesiology dedicated to providing pain relief and anesthesia during childbirth and related procedures. It encompasses a range of techniques, including epidural, spinal, and general anesthesia, tailored to meet the needs of both the patient and newborn. The primary goal of obstetric anesthesia is to ensure both the comfort and safety of the parturient while minimizing risks during childbirth. This involves balancing effective pain management, vigilant monitoring of the parturient and fetus, and rapidly responding to emergencies such as cesarean sections or complications during labor. The UCSF Obstetric Anesthesia team is also part of the fetal treatment group. We offer a seamless transition to UCSF’s renowned adult and pediatric specialists, one of the nation’s finest intensive care nurseries, and the Neonatal Cardiovascular Center of Excellence.


Obstetric anesthesiologists undergo rigorous fellowship training to manage the specific challenges of obstetric medicine. We are dedicated to advancing obstetric anesthesia, delivering equitable care to our diverse parturients, and training future obstetric anesthesiologists through our accredited ACGME fellowship. Furthermore, UCSF is a SOAP Center of Excellence (COE) site. This designation recognizes institutions that demonstrate excellent care in obstetrics, a testament to the high standard of care provided at UCSF.

Fellowship opportunities