ViSiPAP: Presentations 2017-2018

Presenters Title of Presentation Home Institution Type of Presentation Hosting Institution
Andrew Infosino Intraoperative Hypoxia UCSF IP Faculty UC Davis
Kristin Pappas Supraglottoplasty UCSF IP Fellow UC Davis
Niroop Ravula Pediatric Difficult Airway UC Davis IP Faculty UCSF
Marc Iravani Precision Medicine: Hype or Reality? UCLA IP Faculty UCSF
Amy Babb Pulmonary Hyptension UNM IP Faculty UCSF
Elizabeth Ghazal Endocrine Dysfunction Loma Linda IP Faculty UCSF
Jina Sinskey Anesthetic Approach to Fetal Surgery UCSF IP Faculty CHCO
Gail Shibata Pediatric Spine surgery UCSF IP Faculty UCLA
Patrick Fernandez Food Allergies and Anesthesia CHCO IP Faculty UCSF
Matt Muffly Anesthesia Manpower Stanford IP Faculty UCSF
Mat Kiberd FEIBA Stanford IP Fellow UCSF
Marla Ferchl Anesthetic Implications of Childhood Obesity UCSF IP Faculty CHLA
Odi Ehie Hypertensive Crisis UCSF IP Faculty Loma Linda
Hung Nguyen Pulmonary Hypertension UCSF IP Faculty UC Davis
Vanessa Hoy The Evaluation of Pediatric Cardiac Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery UCSF IP Fellow UC Davis
Andrew Costandi Anesthetic Management of Patients with Achondroplasia CHLA IP Faculty UCSF
David Robinowitz Medical Informatics in Anesthesia UCSF IP Faculty Stanford
Masood Memarzadeh Sugammadex in Pediatric Anesthesia UCSF IP Fellow Stanford
Gabe Sarah Medical Considerations for the Care of Sexual and Gender Minorities UCSF IP Faculty UNM
Raj Dhamrait      The Second Victim: What Avenues are Available to Healthcare Professionals Following a Catastrophic Patient Event  UC Davis IP Faculty UCSF
Kyeong Seon Michelle Kim The Second Victim: What Avenues are Available to Healthcare Professionals Following a Catastrophic Patient Event  UC Davis IP Faculty UCSF
Steve Weston Pediatric Liver Transplantation UCSF IP Fellow OHSU
Dean Laochamroonvo-rapongse Intraoperative MRI OHSU IP Faculty UCSF
Andrew Infosino Hypoxia 101 UCSF IP Faculty Stanford
Denise Chang   UCSF IP Fellow Stanford
Jennifer Chiem Erector Spinae Blocks in Pediatric Patients  Seattle Children’s IP Faculty UCSF
Jessica George Pediatric Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Johns Hopkins IP Faculty Children’s National
Alyssa Burgart Don’t Talk to Me Like a Child! Pre-op Ethical Issues with Teenagers Stanford IP Faculty UCSF
Kelly O'Hear Anesthetic Considerations for Children with Trisomy 21 Stanford IP Fellow UCSF
Irfan Kathiriya Genetics and Genomics for Congenital Heart Disease UCSF IP Faculty Seattle
Farrukh Munshey                          The Use of Erector Spinae Plane Blocks in Children Stanford IP Fellow UCSF
Maureen Higgs Pectoral Blocks in Pediatric Patients for Port and Pacemaker Placement Stanford IP Fellow UCSF
Curtis Darling  Overview of Opiate-sparing Analgesics in Pediatric Anesthesia Stanford IP Fellow UCSF