UCSF Anesthesia Med Ed Research Group


UCSF Anesthesia Med Ed Research group works with clinician educators and trainees to improve teaching, learning, and assessment. We are deeply committed to increasing the quality of education at all levels through evidence-based research and innovation. We are leading research efforts in curriculum and assessment design in areas such as wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, professional identity formation and programmatic assessment.

We train and support the future leaders of Anesthesia Education to conduct high-quality educational research through research skills development, mentorship, monthly works-in-progress meetings, and research collaboratives across multiple institutions. Our faculty are prominent leaders in health professions education research globally.


Christy Boscardin, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine

Cindy Chai, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship Program

Denise Chang, MD
HS Asst Clinical Professor

Joyce Chang, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor

Odi Ehie, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Anesthesia Vice Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Marla Ferschl, MD
HS Clinical Professor
Fellowship Director, Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Program
Residency Rotation Director, Pediatric Anesthesia Rotation
Director, Fetal Anesthesia

Seema Gandhi, MD
Associate Clinical Professor

Ronald George, MD
Professor and Chief, OB Anesthesia

Andrew Infosino, MD
Clinical Professor

Maytinee Lilaonitkul, MBSS
HS Asst Clinical Professor

Linda Liu, MD
Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Solmaz Manuel, MD
Associate Clinical Professor

Manuel Pardo, MD
Professor of Clinical Anesthesia
Vice Chair for Education

Gabriel Sarah, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Associate Residency Program Director for Guidance and Development

Jina Sinskey, MD
HS Associate Clin Professor
Associate Chair of Well Being

Kristina Sullivan, MD
Clinical Professor, Anesthesia Residency Program Director, Sol Shnider Endowed Chair for Anesthesia
Education, and Associate Chair for Anesthesia Education
Director of Education and Assessment for Graduate Medical Education at UCSF

Kevin Thornton, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Program Director, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship
Committee Chair, Residency Well Being Committee

John Turnbull, MD
Associate Clinical Professor

Albert Yen, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor