Peri-Operative and Critical Care Outcome research group (POCCO)


POCCO translational approach helps us to identify and deploy new therapeutic interventions and strategies to protect patients from adverse outcomes.   

Critical illnesses (e.g. sepsis, COVID, major trauma) and major surgery are associated with important short and long term morbidity and/or mortality. POCCO investigators promote translational research with the goal of implementing precision medicine by refining diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the field of perioperative and critical care medicine.

POCCO is a multidisciplinary team that includes physician scientists, basic scientists, clinical researchers, scientists, epidemiologists, and biostatisticians. Skill sets present include deep expertise in data management, clinical trial design and execution, biostatistical analysis. Our group has a deep expertise in translational research. We develop translational research programs, from theoretical data science to implementation and validation through clinical trials, with the goal of addressing important questions in the field of critical care medicine, emergency medicine and peri-operative care.

POCCO is consequently ideally placed to tackle an injury mechanism/pattern from basic science to the implementation of interventional clinical trials.

POCCO Research Domains
  • Acute kidney injury
  • Sepsis
  • Trauma
  • Cardiovascular disease and dysfunction
  • Organ support
  • Surgical and anesthetic stress response
  • Organ injury during solid organ transplantation
  • Long term outcomes after critical illness
  • Short- and long-term outcomes after surgery
Active Projects
About Us

POCCO consists of translational and clinical researchers, scientists, epidemiologists, and biostatisticians collaborating on clinical and translational research projects in the field of critical care medicine and perioperative medicine.

  Matthieu Legrand, MD, PhD

  UCSF Anesthesia



  Romain Pirracchio, MD, PhD

  UCSF Anesthesia



  Michael Bokoch , MD, PhD

  UCSF Profile  Dr. Bokoch is an anesthesiologist specializing in the care of patients undergoing solid-organ transplantation (liver and kidney) and vascular surgery, as well as translational research. His research interests include interventions to reduce acute kidney injury after high-risk surgery, biomarkers of organ injury, and the role of the vascular endothelium in ischemia-reperfusion injury and end-stage liver disease. He is a co-PI and founder of the Transplant Anesthesia Research Group.

  Dieter Adelmann, MD, PhD

  UCSF Anesthesia



  Rishi Kothari, MD

  UCSF Anesthesia Dr Kothari is a Liver transplant and general anesthesiologist. His clinical interests are in short and medium term outcomes after liver and kidney transplantation and non-primary non-clinical interests in clinical informatics and EHR facilitation of clinical research.

  Orestes Mavrothalassitis, MD

  UCSF Profile



  Daniel Lazzareschi, MD

  UCSF Profile



  Catherine Chiu, MD

  UCSF Profile



  Andrew Bishara, MD

  UCSF Profile



  Nikitha Reddy, Clinical research coordinator

  Nikitha graduated from UC Berkeley and received a double major in Molecular/Cell   biology and Psychology.


  Nick Fong, Data analyst

  Nick is a data analyst working for POCCO. His interests lie at the intersection of   medicine and data science.


  Jilene Sturgess-Daprato, Clinical research coordinator

 Jillene received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Biology and Minor in Nutrition from UC Davis. She graduated from Touro University California with a Master of Science in Medical Health Science. Her current interests are Orthopaedics, Trauma and Critical Care, and Sports Medicine.

 Emily Bi, Clinical research coordinator

 Emily graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Molecular/Cell Biology and Art Practice.


Rachel Hill, Clinical research coordinator

 Rachel graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. She worked with the Transplant Anesthesia Research Group as an Assistant Research Coordinator from 2019 to 2020, with a focus on the MHALT trial. Rachel began medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College in 2020.

 Joseph Mellen, Clinical research coordinator

 Joseph is a 4th year medical student who is applying into anesthesiology. He graduated from the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program at George Mason University with a Master of Science in Biology. He is a 7-year Air Force veteran, and a current Air Force Health Profession Scholarship Program recipient.

 Christopher Ansay, Clinical research coordinator

 Christopher graduated from UCLA with a Biology degree and is currently attending UCSF for medical school.

POCCO Support
  • Administrative Core
  • Biostatistics and Data Management Core (data management, biostatistics, design and implementation of observational and interventional trials).
  • Clinical Research Biospecimen Core Lab (receives, processes, biobanks biospecimens from the 4CTI investigations)
  • Specimen Processing

-POCCO is collaborating with several research labs with strong interconnections

-Artificial intelligence and machine learning Lab (Link:

-Preclinical science Lab (Link:

-Organ transplantation Lab (Link)


-Research Training in POCCO

-POCCO offers research training for residents in the research track, research fellowship, visiting fellows and academics, interns and postdoc.

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