Pan Lab


Understand the tissue injury mechanisms after CNS trauma and search regimen for repair and recovery of sensory and motor function 



Jonathan Pan, MD, PhD

Zhihua Sun, MD, PhD

Jiandong Gao, MD, PhD


Talbott J.F., Whetstone W.D., Readdy W., Ferguson A.R., Bresnahan J.C., Saigal R., Jawryluk G.W., Beattie M.S., Mabray M.C., Pan J.Z., Manley G.T., Dhall S.S. The Brain and Spinal Injury Center score: a novel, simple, and reproducible method for assessing the severity of acute cervical spinal cord injury with axial T2-weighted MRI findings. J Neurosurg Spine[1] . 2015 Jul 10:1-10.

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