Global Health Equity


The University of California San Francisco has one of the longest experiences in formalized global health education and research in the United States. The Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care has supported numerous global health initiatives for the past 25 years including longstanding partnerships with Global Partners in Anesthesia and Surgery, the Center for Global Surgical Studies, and Operation Rainbow. These programs have focused on multidisciplinary research, education and policy efforts that aim to improve equitable access to quality surgical, anesthesia and pain services worldwide. In recent years, the Department has created a Global Health Endowment and the Division of Global Health as part of the campus-wide Global Surgery, Anesthesia & Trauma Hub (GSAT) at UCSF Global Health Sciences

Anesthesia, surgery, and pain management have historically been neglected by the global public health community. In 2006 it was estimated that 11% of the global burden of disease could be treated by surgical intervention with a larger but uncertain proportion of disease burden treatable with pain and palliative care services. Only recently have data become available that demonstrate inadequate access to surgical and anesthesia services is a much larger problem than initially predicted, and one that can no longer be ignored.

UCSF and the Anesthesia Division of Global Health Equity are committed to supporting anesthesia trainee and faculty both at UCSF and at partnering institutions around the world.


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