Pedro Gambus Cerrillo, MD

Associate Adjunct Professor


MD School of Medicine of the Universidad de Barcelona (Spain). Specialty training in Anesthesiology in Hospital General de Granollers (Barcelona).

Postdoctoral fellowship in "Clinical Pharmacology in Anesthesia: PKPD Modelling of i.v. Anesthetics" (Prof S.L. Shafer, D.R. Stanski) Department of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine. Jan 1993-June 1995.

PhD degree School of Medicine of the Universidad de Barcelona (Spain); "Applications of EEG as a measure of depth of anesthetic drug effects"

Currently work at the Department of Anesthesia, Hospital CLINIC de Barcelona (Spain)

Principal investigator: Research group on Modeling and Control of Anesthetic Drug Effects (Hospital CLINIC):

1) Applications of PKPD modelling in sedation-analgesia for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures: TCI systems
2) Optimal control of sedation analgesia drug effects: EEG, AEP, Respiratory function, signal analysis
3) Mathematical modeling: nonlinear mixed effects modeling, fuzzy logic modeling methods (ANFIS)

Public funding from the Clinical Research Agency (Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias [FIS]), Government of Spain.
Private funding from Fundacion Mutua Madrilena (Spain)

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