Women in Medicine Month: Advancing the Field Through Research

Catherine Chen, MD, MPH, speaking at Anesthesia Research Day

In celebration of Women in Medicine month, and in recognition of the essential contributions of all of the women in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at UCSF, we will provide highlights of the many extraordinary women in anesthesia throughout the month of September. Today, we celebrate the many women faculty members who, through their impactful research, are pushing the boundaries of medicine and the anesthesia field forward.

Odmara Barreto Chang, MD, PhD

NIH/NINDS UH3: The UCSF Brain Health Assessment for the Detection of Cognitive Impairment Among Diverse Populations in Primary Care

Weill Pilot Award for PANDA-G Study 

Patricia Sander Award for Anesthesia Researchers: Perioperative Anesthesia Neurocognitive Disorder Assessment (PANDA Study)

NINDS / NIH Diversity Supplement

Irene Perstein Award 

ASA Mentoring Grant (August 2021) for Evaluating Loan Burden in Minorities in Anesthesiology and its Impact on Well-Being, Board Scores, and Career Planning

Catherine Chen, MD, MPH

Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) Award from Pepper Center for Cost-Effectiveness of Monitored Anesthesia Care in Cataract Surgery

UCSF Academic Senate: Use of Monitored Anesthesia Care in Cataract Surgery

NIH K23: Frailty and Monitored Anesthesia Care for Cataract Surgery in Older Adults

Anne Donovan, MD

Top 10 Downloaded Article from the CJA Volume 66-2019 (with Elizabeth Whitlock, MD, MS) 

Odi Ehie, MD

ASA Mentoring Grant for a Survey on Microaggressions in the Workplace 

Center for Global Surgery and Health Equity, DEI and Health Equity Curricula Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Seema Gandhi, MD

UCSF Anesthesia and Perioperative Care: Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Using Real Time Alerts and Personalized Feedback Reports

UCOP: Examining and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Anesthetic Gasses Project

Judith Hellman, MD

San Francisco Foundation Award

NIH T32: Comprehensive Anesthesia Research Training

NIH R01: Neuro-Immune Mechanisms of Minor Cannabinoids in Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain

Helen Kim, PhD, MPH

The University of Chicago: Trial Readiness in Cavernous Angiomas with Symptomatic Hemorrhage

American Heart Association: Predictors of Growth, Recurrence, and High-Risk Features in Pediatric Brain Arteriovenous Malformation

NIH/NINDS R01: Long-term Outcomes in Unruptured Brain Arteriovenous Malformation Patients

NIH/NINDS U54: Brain Vascular Malformation Consortium: Predictor's of Clinical Course

Kerstin Kolodzie, MD, PhD

Patricia Sander Award for Anesthesia Researchers: Association of Skeletal Muscle Mass with Early Postoperative Complications and Patient-Reported Recovery in Patients Undergoing Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation

Erica Langnas, MD, MPH

The Association of CDC Opioid Guidelines and Postsurgical Opioid Prescriptions

Chanhung Lee, MD, PhD

Merck & Co Inc: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Crossover Design Study to Compare the Rocuronium Reversal by Sugammadex to Succinvlcholine for Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Jacqueline Leung, MD

"Perioperative gabapentin & postoperative delirium" study among the DeliriumHub500 studies for Delirium Research

Masimo Corporation: Predictors of sepsis in hospitalized patients

NIH R01 Supplement for Plasma markers of Alzheimer’s Disease and changes in postoperative cognition 

NIH/NINR R01: The Role of Genomics in Postoperative Delirium and Sedation

Wendy Smith, MD

UCSF Anesthesia and Perioperative Care: Prospective Pilot Study to Define the Cardiothoracic Surgery Patient Frailty Phenotype

Hua Su, MD

NIH/NINDS R01: Uncover the Pathogenesis of Brain Arteriovenous Malformation

NIH/NINDS R01: Reduction of Brain AVM Severity through Inhibition of Pathogenic Angiogenesis

Becky Tsui, MD

UCSF Anesthesia and Perioperative Care: Evaluation of existence of RNA species in the epidural space and their association with pain pattern

Elizabeth Whitlock, MD, MS

Top 10 Downloaded Article from the CJA Volume 66-2019 (with Anne Donovan, MD) (March 2020)

Most Impactful Paper Award for Cognitive Change After Cardiac Surgery Versus Cardiac Catheterization: A Population-Based Study. Ann Thorac Surg 2019; 107(4):1119-1125. PMCID: PMC6707506. 

UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI): CTSI KL2

Jingying Zhang, CRNA, PhD

Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation: The Use of Venlafaxine in Reducing Surgical Pain in Total Knee Arthroplasty