Students Capturing the OR Experience (SCORE) 2018

SCORE Students having lunch with Dean Talmadge King

On February 9th, 2018, the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care had the first Students Capturing the Operating Room Experience (SCORE) program. The idea came from Dr. Charlene Blake, with the goal of providing the opportunity of an early exposure to the operating room and careers in the health sciences to high school students from underrepresented backgrounds. It was an amazing experience, not only for the students but also for the faculty, nurses, CRNAs, pharmacists, and staff that participated. The students rotated through UCSF ORs and also participated in stations looking at solid organs, intubating mannequins, and taking vital signs. There was enthusiastic support from our community; we had volunteers from the PACU, OR, and Pharmacy that came to share their experiences with the students. UCSF School of Medicine Dean Talmadge King, Jr, MD, was one of our speakers and he kindly shared his experience and trajectory with the students. We ended the day with reflections and a discussion about the opportunities to look for to better prepare for careers in the health sciences. It was really refreshing seeing how we all came together as a community to support and encourage the students. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Gropper, our Department Chair, for supporting our commitment to diversity. Also thanks to the planning committee: Charlene BlakeOdmara Barreto ChangOdie Ehie, Anthony Esparza Amaro, Heather Hervey-Jumper, Nikki Girn, Felicity Rensberger, and Mercy Vigil. Our biggest thanks go to all the faculty that participated in the different events and that spent time talking to the students, truly making a life lasting experience for them.