In Spite of Pandemic Setbacks, Long-Term Mentorship Supports Students’ Research Successes

Drs. Michael Lipnick and Gabriel Sarah

Dedicated to medical education, student learning and development, Anesthesia and Perioperative Care faculty members Michael Lipnick, MD, and Gabriel Sarah, MD, were each awarded a 2021 UCSF Long Term Mentor Award for their respective work to support UCSF medical students Brittany Robinson and Pasha Rahbari with their yearlong and deep explore research projects in 2020.

While mentorship is a well-recognized component of career development [1], Drs. Lipnick and Sarah were described by their mentees as going above and beyond to ensure their success. Brittany Robinson was one of five 2021 Long-Term Dean’s Prize in Research Awardees selected to present her work as a 2021 Long-Term Dean’s Presentation Honoree at the May 5th Inquiry Symposium. Pasha Rahbari’s work was recognized with the Best Education Innovation Poster Award at the 8th Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference in 2020. 

Pasha Rahbari – A Curricular Based Intervention to Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Patients in the Perioperative Setting

Brittany Robinson - Perceived Reasons for In-Hospital Delays to Emergency Surgical Care at a Tertiary Hospital in Central Malawi



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