Generous Gift from Estate of Trailblazing Alumna Helen F. Frevel, MD

Dr. Helen F. Frevel pictured in 1965 group photo of UCSF Anesthesia faculty and trainees

At the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care at UCSF, we have a long history of excellence and innovation in patient care, research and medical education. We strive to maintain this legacy of excellence today – our trainees are prepared to be leaders in their field and in their communities – and to advance health worldwide. We are thrilled to announce a generous gift from the estate of Dr. Helen F. Frevel, an esteemed resident alumna and trailblazing woman in anesthesiology. The gift will bolster career development opportunities for our residents, fellows and faculty members, and help to foster an environment where our legacy of pioneering breakthroughs in anesthesia, critical care, perioperative care and pain medicine will continue. Dr. Frevel is pictured here in department photos from 1964 and 1965. Learn more about how gifts support our ongoing work, or make a contribution here.


Dr. Helen F. Frevel in a 1964 UCSF Anesthesia faculty and trainees group photo

1964 Caption

Back: Bisson, Pegg, Frevel, Tully, Carney, Hylton

Hershey, Akers, Spieker, Anderson, Roland, Reynolds

Wong, Babad, Forbes, Stein, Saidman, Millstein, Horner, Ortmeyer

De Jong, Way, Guadagni, Smith, Munson, Noman, Singer, Eisele

Churchill-Davidson, De Bon, Jene, Cullen, Eger, Severinghaus, Guy


Dr. Helen F. Frevel pictured in a 1965 UCSF Anesthesia group faculty and trainees photo

1965 Caption

Front Row: Munson, Smith, Guy, Eger, Cullen, Frevel, Eisele, Guadagni

Second Row: Norman, Millstein, Hershey, Mohrfeld, France, Hylton, Babad, Way, De Jong

Third Row: Roland, Akers, Doyle, Carney, Zouhar, Devlin, Mitchell, Saidman, Shnider, Wahrendbrock, Horner, Pegg

Back Row: Larson, Meyer, Fruin, Spieker, Forbes, Tully, Regan, Bainton