Empowering a Positive Work Culture

Department members at a hike on the Lands End/Sutro Trail

Stronger together, we’re excited to announce some of our recent initiatives in support of creating a positive work culture with our amazing faculty, learners and staff.

New Employee Welcome Packets

Duanna Challenger-kuethe, RRT To ensure new employees feel welcomed and included when starting in their new positions, each employee now receives a welcome packet that includes a host of resources and contacts and importantly, some tasty treats!

Employee Appreciation

Dr. Stephen Weston with a Doctors Day appreciation cookieAligned with national initiatives to appreciate doctors and administrative professionals, we showed our appreciation for our employees and their innovative, impactful work, with COVID-safe snacks distributed across our work sites on March 30th and April 27th. Similar appreciation events are planned throughout the year.

Employee Recognition

Thinking creatively about employee recognition and the part that we can all play in painting a positive work culture, Leah Pimentel, MBA, our Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culture, is putting together a resource to make recognition easy and accessible, showing all of the available options for recognizing a coworker or supervisee, and seamlessly linking submissions to employees’ managers.

Department Social Events

Department members hiking the Lands End/Sutro TrailIn a large department or institution, events that bring people together from different work sites and job classifications and encourage deeper connections can foster a stronger sense of community and team-work, while building morale. Planned by our department’s Well-Being Committee, our recent department sponsored hike and picnic at the Lands End/Sutro Heights trail and park gave department members a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Scholarly Work

In addition to structural changes and more intentional welcoming, appreciation and recognition initiatives within the department in support of well-being and a positive work culture, department members have also been producing scholarly work in these areas. Some recent publications are listed below.

Sinskey, JL, Margolis RD, Vinson AE. The Wicked Problem of Physician Well-Being. Anesthesiology Clinics. 4 May 2022.

Sinskey, JL, Chang JM, Nicholau D, Gropper MA. Quality of Life Improvement: A Novel Framework and Approach to Well-Being. Anesthesiology Clinics. 5 May 2022.


Want to learn more, or have a suggestion about how we can work together to enhance our work culture? Reach out to [email protected].