Associate Professor Seema Gandhi, MD, Wins 2017 UCSF Sustainability Award

Associate Professor Seema Gandhi, MD, has won the 2017 UCSF Sustainability Award in the Faculty Category, for her work to reduce waste generated from daily operations in the UCSF ORs. She explored three areas of concern: operating room (OR) energy use, perioperative waste and anesthesia gas reduction. In the area of perioperative waste, Dr. Gandhi analyzed how single-use devices (SUDs) are utilized in the OR. She found that devices were often distributed to the patient, not used, and then disposed of before or shortly after their use. However, Dr. Gandhi’s study showed that through workflow improvements and device reprocessing, UCSF could reduce the amount of waste produced in the perioperative period, with the added benefit of significantly reducing costs. Recently, Dr. Gandhi won the 2017 UCSF Caring Wisely Ideas Contest, for her work looking at the Economic Impact of Lowering Fresh Gas Flow (FGF) during Anesthesia. For the last three years, she has also served as a mentor to the UCSF “Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellows” (CNI). Anesthesia Chief Resident Jason Lang was a CNI fellow for the 2016-2017 year, and was awarded or his work to reduce energy use in operating rooms.