Anesthesia Staff Hold Innovative Staff Fair

Staff at the Anesthesia staff fair, October, 2019

As the healthcare and academic environments have become increasingly complex, and both UCSF and the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care have grown and expanded across the Bay Area, maintaining cohesion and the efficient flow of information and resources across programmatic units has become more challenging. To tackle this, the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care held an innovative staff fair at the Parnassus campus, on October 10, 2019. Conceived of by our Chief of Staff, Robert Hendricks, staff teams worked together to create informative posters and other resources that were presented and shared at the fair, allowing all staff to refamiliarize themselves with each other’s work, and access resources available from each staff unit. Staff were released from their regular duties for the half day event, and Anesthesia faculty members also attended. Posters displayed at the fair are listed below.

Administrative Support

Mission Bay                                                            Parnassus


Finance Teams

Anesthesia Business Office at ZSFG                       Catering and Reimbursement Workflows


Research Award Financial Management

Clinical Operations

Scheduling and Incentive Compensation                  Anesthesia Workroom Technicians                  


Respiratory Care Services at ZSFG

Critical Care Medicine


Anesthesia Medical Education Cycle Poster


Pathways to Scientific Independence

Anesthesia Information Technology

Team Members.                                                      Applications Map


Digital Communications

Facilities and Events Management

Facilities and Events Management Poster