Clinical Resources

Version 1.0 ; 1/8/2024

Andrew Schober & Dylan Masters & Michael Bokoch

Note : these guidelines apply to vascular surgery cases. The protocol is slightly different for neurosurgery.

Version 1.0 ; 1/4/2024

Andrew Schober & Dylan Masters

V 5.0;

UCSF Liver Transplant Anesthesia OR Setup Guide
Recent contributors: N. Mendez, K. Kronish, M. Bokoch, D. Adelmann

V 2.1

Authors: Nicholas Mendez, Dieter Adelmann, Michael Bokoch, Claus Niemann and Kate Kronish

Version 1.0 ; 6/21/21

Contributers: ​Matthieu Legrand, MD, PhD​Michael Bokoch, MD, PhD, Jillene Sturgess-DaPrato, MS, Emily Bi, BA 

Version 1.0 ; 12/2020

Andrew Schober & Michael Bokoch

Vs 1.0; 8/2020

Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Cell Auto-transplant Anesthesia Pearls

Kate Kronish MD and Andrew Posselt MD


V 2.0; 05/2022

Living Donor Hepatectomy Anesthesia Pearls
Kate Kronish MD

Vs 1.0; 8/2020

Pancreas Transplant Anesthesia pearls 

Kate Kronish MD and Ryutaro Hirose MD

Pancreas Transplant

Disease Background