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Candace Shavit - CA-2

The San Francisco Bay Area seems to exert a powerful magnetic force: those who move here often stay, and those who start out here often return. Such was the case for UCSF Anesthesia resident Candace Shavit, a Bay Area native whose medical training took her thousands of miles away, to Israel. “I always knew I wanted to come back to California for residency” says Candace.

From afar, UCSF’s reputation as a worldwide leader in the field of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care made Candace feel a little intimidated. But after spending time at UCSF as a visiting medical student, Candace discovered that the people were “not only passionate about Anesthesia and patient care, but also humble and easy to approach.” As an intern and a resident here, she settled in has become an integral part of the group that she admired for “making the learning and work environment truly enjoyable.”

Candace has particularly enjoyed her time providing care and training at the San Francisco Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, a large referral center serving veterans and their families. “The complexity of cases and management of co-morbid medical conditions in a compassionate setting made for a memorable learning experience.” Candace has found that moving among UCSF’s different clinical sites, each with its own system, resources, patient populations and style is already helping her develop into a highly adaptive anesthesiologist capable of working in any environment.

The best part? Training in one of the greatest cities in the world! In her spare time Candace can be found hiking on Mount Tamalpais, trimming the sails on a windy beam reach across the Bay, sipping wine in Napa Valley, enjoying live music in Golden Gate Park, or just exploring new corners of this “unique and beautiful city.” And don’t forget, she also finds time to serve as Captain of the UCSF anesthesia soccer team, the Midazzlers!